IJoK Volume 1, Number 1, July 2013

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Welcome to the first issue of Volume 1 of the International Journal of Kybernology (IJoK). This issue will contain eight writings that come from various research and ideas related to the theme of decentralization and regional autonomy in Indonesia.

Koswara see regional autonomy from the financial side, about how fiscal decentralization can support policies made by local governments. while Umam questioned the implementation of decentralization in Indonesia, which is benefiting society or only benefit the elite, because according to him the implementation of decentralization in Indonesia is still half-heartedly. Mukrimin also questioned the implementation of decentralization in Indonesia is already integrated or still fragmented.

Wasistiono have a positive view of decentralization, where decentralization is a means to revitalize the local area. Suwandi did a review of the relationship between central government and local government in Indonesia. Some critics and suggestions for improvement are given in the review.

Nurdin discusses the various debates that occur due  differences in viewpoints regarding the construction of Indonesia’s presidential system policies and how the differences that occur between the concept of the founders of the Indonesian government with the implementation of the current. Up next, Rudianto discusses the implementation of the policy strategy of population information system in Indonesia, which must be adapted to the current era of regional autonomy.

In closing Primastuti analyze how local government could optimize their assets management using case study in North Sulawesi province. When their asset management reaches optimum then their financial report will also shows good opinion from the Audit Board of Indonesia (BPK).

Beside all of those paper, a book entitled “Decentralizing the Civil Services” also reviewed in this issue by Kartika.

I would like to thank all of the authors for their participation in this journal. I am sure the ideas contained in their writings may provide additional insight to the readers regarding the implementation of regional autonomy in Indonesia. I also invited other potential writers to participate in this journal for next issue.



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