Three Subcultures of Society

In part one of The Spirit of Public Administration (1997), H. George Frederickson explained the concept of Governance, Politics, and the Public. Item 3 Section One is titled Public Administration as Governance. A beautiful analysis at pages 78-83 in that book shows that the Public Administration as a governance more widespread and is considered more competent to answer a future (in which “patterns of interaction of multiple-organizational systems or networks” both “governmental, nongovernmental, nonprofit,” and “mixed entities,” constantly occurs), rather than the traditional Public Administration in the government space and solely the bureaucracy. In other words, the interaction between the three subcultures takes place continuously. Interaction is through a variety of routes connecting the three terminals, namely Economic Subculture (ES), Power Subculture (PS), and Social Subculture (SS). How this interaction takes place and how the relationship between subcultures are formed, depending on the selected route as an initial route.

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