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Like a building, any body of knowledge (BOK) has three essential dimensions, namely its functions, construction (architecture, design), and building materials. All the three are subject to differentiation, change and innovation. Let us call the state-of-the art of any condition of the three at a time as paradigm.


Logo is a graphic mark, emblem, and word mark is used by the management to aid and promote instant public recognition to the journal. Steering Wheel is chosen as the journal’s brand or logo based on philosophic, historical, geographic and cultural considerations. Indonesia is an archipelagic country, covering thousands of islands, bound by many seas […]

IJoK Volume 1, Number 1, July 2013

Welcome to the first issue of Volume 1 of the International Journal of Kybernology (IJoK). This issue will contain eight writings that come from various research and ideas related to the theme of decentralization and regional autonomy in Indonesia. Koswara see regional autonomy from the financial side, about how fiscal decentralization can support policies made […]

Does Remuneration Improve Indonesia’s Civil Service Performance?

There is a public anecdote that Indonesia’s Civil Service has low performance and also tends to abuse their power for their own benefit. This condition arose by bloat organization, low paid-salary system and un-professional its management. Though Indonesians agree that civil service should be reformed, unfortunately it was not executed comprehensively. Remuneration tried to replace […]


PERFORMANCE: PROCESS OF INTERACTION AMONG THREE COMMUNITY SUBCULTURES Three Subcultures of Society In part one of The Spirit of Public Administration (1997), H. George Frederickson explained the concept of Governance, Politics, and the Public. Item 3 Section One is titled Public Administration as Governance. A beautiful analysis at pages 78-83 in that book shows that […]

Editorial Vol 1 Number 2 December 2010

Welcome to the second issue Volume 1 of International Journal of Kybernology (IJoK).  The objective of IJoK is to develop, promote and coordinate the science and practice in the broad area of governance. It also aims to help researchers, lecturers, government practitioners and policy makers to contribute and disseminate information and to learn from each […]